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Laser Hair Removal

A smoother, sleeker you awaits.

Glow’s expert therapists can advise you on which hair removal treatment is right for you. At Glow, we offer laser hair removal as well as IPL and waxing.

Laser hair removal is a tried and tested means of achieving near-total hair reduction for extended periods. Laser hair removal has been available to the public since the mid to late 2000s and utilises a well-understood mechanism to trigger hair fall and significantly reduced regrowth. 

Patch test and a consultation 

Book your free, no-pressure consultation and patch test today. Our therapists are happy to discuss the treatment options, the technology and the associated risks. At Glow we have a “No Hard Sell” policy, our Aestheticians are trained in the theory, technology and the techniques of your treatment, and are happy to share their knowledge.

The Machines

At Glow, we use continuous pulse 808 nm and 810 nm units featuring a chilled hand-piece for maximum comfort and rapid coverage of even large areas.

Our laser machines (new in October 2019) use the latest technology which allows for continuous movement while applying a super chilled head that ensures minimal discomfort.


The Treatments

A treatment course typically consists of a consultation and patch test followed by six therapy sessions completed within nine months, and a complimentary 12-month touch-up period the commences on the completion of your sixth treatment.*

We also offer single treatments for those people looking for a ‘top-up’ treatment or for those people who prefer to pay session by session. 

Six treatments would typically be enough sessions to attain near-total achievable hair reduction with a 70% reduction considered a successful result. Achieving optimum results requires completing the course of treatment within nine months. 

* After your sixth treatment, if you have any regrowth, you may come back to treat any resistant spot areas for the next twelve months. This offer is subject to the minimum safe interval between treatments and that the original course of six treatments was completed within nine months.


Payment options and Instalment Plans

Our treatment courses represent approximately a 10% discount on the single session pricing. We also offer a 5%  multi-area discount when you do three or more treatment areas.

We can arrange instalment payments, so this makes it a little easier on the wallet. You may choose to split the course fee into two or three instalments, using the payment method of your choice or twelve instalments when you pay with an American Express Card.

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