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Cancellations and
Sales Policy


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Cancellation and Sales Policy

These terms define Glow’s policies for sales, cancellations and rescheduling of services where a more specific policy does not exist.

Cancellation, No-show and Late Reschedule

Cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment must occur not less than 24 hours before your appointment time.

Cancellation or rescheduling less than 24 hours in advance of the appointment will result in Glow deducting the appointment’s services from your course or account balance. Where the service is not pre-paid, Glow reserves the right to charge a cancellation/rebooking fee of 50% of the booked appointment value or HK$500 (per person), whichever is greater. Payment is required on the day of cancellation and may be paid by PayMe, FPS, ATM or Bank Transfer.

Less then 3 hours

Where the service is not pre-paid, Glow reserves the right to charge a cancellation/rebooking fee of 100% of the booked appointment value or 
HK$500 (per person), whichever is greater. Payment is required on the day of cancellation and may be paid by PayMe, FPS, ATM or Bank Transfer.

Repeated rescheduling, cancellation or non-arrival may at Glow’s discretion result in:

  • offered booking days/times being restricted and/or

  • requests for pre-payment for services before making a booking/attending an appointment.

Appointment Availability

Glow does not guarantee that a client’s preferred appointment day, time or member of staff will be available when making a booking.

The unavailability of a specific member of staff or a particular appointment date or time will not constitute a reason for extending the duration of a treatment course or the validity of a pre-purchased service beyond the specified maximum.

Converting from Single Sessions to Courses

Clients who are paying for individual services outside of a course may, at Glow’s sole discretion, transition to a course of treatment.

The client will pay pro-rata for the course based on the number of treatments completed within the two months prior to the request to transition to a course.

Transfer or Sharing of Courses and Pre-paid Services

Courses and individual services are not transferrable and may not be shared.

Expiry of Courses and Pre-paid Services

Clients must use pre-paid services, including those forming part of a course, within 12 months of purchase after which any unused sessions expire and are no longer available for use. Glow will not provide refunds for expired services and courses.

Pregnancy and Other Medical Conditions

For a verified pregnancy, or other medical condition, where Glow does not recommend a service or treatment during pregnancy, clients may defer pre-paid services, including those forming part of a course, for up to 18 months.

Booking Next Session

Clients with a course of treatment are required to book their following session on completion of each session.

Clients must book a date consistent with the treatment protocol.

Waiver Requirement

Where required by Glow, clients must read and sign a waiver before commencing treatment. Waivers may not be altered and must be signed as presented. Where required by Glow, clients must additionally complete and sign a safety questionnaire before each treatment.

Refusing Services

Glow may at their discretion refuse services to a client. Reasons include but are not limited to where

  • the client’s behaviour indicates they may be a danger to themselves or others

  • where the client shows or has advised that they likely fail a contra-indication for treatment

  • where the client is abusive to staff

  • where the client appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • where the client requires parental consent, but none is provided

  • where the client arrives too late for the service to be provided

Refusal of service may at Glow’s discretion result in:

  • restricting offered booking days/times or

  • asking the client to pre-pay for services before a booking is made or

  • charging the client a $500 cancellation fee.


Unless otherwise stated and/or at Glow’s sole discretion, discounts and promotions may not be combined.


Deposits for services are not refundable. The deposit taken (for services like hair extensions, wigs, hair units, treatment courses, wedding parties etc) is a sum payable as the first instalment on the purchase of a service delivered at a later date, with the balance payable upon the delivery of the service. Upon payment of a deposit, the salon will order and pay for the product or equipment required for the delivery of the service and will book the time required to deliver the service.

Deposit payments taken for products and/or services are NOT refundable. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available for a customer-chosen HKD value. Gift cards may be used as payment for products and services.

Gift cards come in two forms: traditional cash-equivalent cards and assignable gift cards which may be applied to a customer's account as a credit. The former may be freely transferred. The assignable gift cards are usable only by the assignee or by their immediate family.

The value of both forms of gift card, and any credit applied to a customer account due to the purchase of a gift card expires 12 months after the purchase date.


Pre-paid service, courses and gift cards cannot be cancelled by the client and are non-refundable.

Products may be returned within seven days of purchase, a credit to the value of the purchase price of the returned product will be applied  only to the purchaser's account.

Refund credit will NOT be made in cash or returned to the credit card or other payment type used for the original purchase. 


The returned product must be unopened and in a saleable condition to be eligible for an account credit.

Where the product is part of a package of services and/or product bundle, you may not return the product.

Instalment payments

You may choose to make your purchase and pay instalments, the cost of the purchase is split into multiple smaller payments, and these are charged to your credit card each month until the purchase has been paid in full.


The first payment is made in the salon and all future instalments will be charged automatically.


At Glow we offer 3, 6, and 12 month instalment payment options and each instalment represents a payment toward the balance of the original purchase. The payments do not correlate to individual purchases or appointments, meaning that in some cases where services are delivered on a schedule, some services may be supplied in advance of payment or some services may be paid for in advance to be redeemed according to the schedule.


Business interruptions - COVID related

Glow will extend courses equal to the duration of any closure due to unplanned business interruption.


Credit Card auto-payments will NOT be suspended and services may be redeemed upon reopening of the business.

No further compensation will be given for unplanned business interruptions.

Clients leaving Hong Kong are deemed to be abandoning courses and are not eligible for refunds or course/credit transfers.  

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