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COVID-19 Advisory

Per HK Gov order Glow Spa (along will all beauty salons in Hong Kong) remains closed. Please note this order covers all facials, laser hair removal, nail services, eyelash and brow services.

With the increased community prevalence of SARS-COV-2 we are making additional efforts to protect our clients, their families and our staff.

You will see the following changes at Glow:

  • Food and beverages will no longer be served in the salon. We also ask that clients do not bring anything for consumption to the salon.

  • We will no longer make magazines available. E-Readers will instead be offered.

  • We will no longer be recording clients' temperature details at reception but we will be asking for clients to take their own temperature on entry to the salon

  • Only clients receiving services or their guardians will be permitted to remain in the salon.

  • Face shields will be available to clients. Masks will continue to remain on at all times.

  • Staff will be wearing additional PPE. The quality of service will however be unaffected.

  • Payment will be taken at the workstations. We will no longer be accepting cash for payments.

  • We will be reducing the peak capacity of the salon to improve distancing.

  • We will be introducing screens to further limit contact.

  • Workstations will be more thoroughly disinfected between clients. This may occasionally introduce minor delays to the start of your appointment.

  • Workstations will have antiseptic misters/filters installed. If you have any pre-existing conditions that may be triggered by antiseptic aerosols, please let us know.

In addition to the above, we respectfully request that, if you have recently arrived in Hong Kong, have recently had a positive COVID-19 infection, exhibit *any* cold or flu symptoms, that you let us know prior to arriving at the salon so we may make a determination on whether it is appropriate to delay the appointment. This request also applies to any members of your family or friends with whom you share a household or who may be accompanying you to the appointment.

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