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A detox shampoo designed to remove product residue from hair so that K18Peptide™ can perform its results in cleansed and optimal condition

a. Deep cleanses hair and scalp: removes dirt and grease while unclogging hair follicles
b. Removes oil, silicone or heavy conditioning agents from hair and breaks down and removes excess residue for optimal cleansing results
c. Prepare for repairs: Any service includes bleaching and dyeing services, repair services (e.g. K18Molecular repair) and styling services for better results on top of clean hair
d. Get the best results for your hair: Any hair service includes bleaching, repair (e.g. K18Molecular Repair) and styling services, both for better results on top of clean hair
e. pH 3.8\u20124.2
f. Color safe, non-allergenic, dermatologist tested


K18 PEPTIDE PREP™ Detox Shampoo

SKU: 858511001166
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